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1963: Lakshmi Girls Hindu College began as a Private School with Pundit & Mrs. Ramcharitar Rickhi as the administrators.


1963-65: First Principal, Miss Amrika Tiwari (now Justice Amrika Tiwari-Reddy) was appointed. The school had three teachers at this point and a total of One Hundred (100) students. Teachers taught more than one subject, often having to teach themselves so that they could pass it on to the students. The fee per term was $16.00.


1964: GCE Examination introduced into Trinidad & Tobago.


1965: LGHC became an Assisted Denominational School.


1965: Miss. Tiwari resigned in order to pursue a Degree in Law.


1966: Second Principal: Mrs. Ruby Ramdial. The number of teachers increased to eight and the student population gradually increased to Three Hundred (300). Subjects offered were: English Language, English Literature, History, Geography, French, Spanish, Mathematics, Human & Social Biology. The Staff undertook, in addition to their academic duties, the teaching of Physical Education, Art & Craft, Music, Hindi and a number of Pundits came in weekly to teach Religious Education.


1978-79: CXC Examinations introduced into Trinidad & Tobago.


1984: One Member of Staff, Mr. Atma Ramkissoon, began teaching Principles of Business in addition to his regular classes, while the two Math teachers Mrs. Lily Ramlogan & Mrs. Jean Young-Sing, undertook Computer Literacy up to Form Two.


1985: First Biology Laboratory constructed by the PTA with the assistance of many kind sponsors and with substantial financial assistance from then President of the PTA, Mr. Nal Pooransingh, and of the Canadian Women’s Association and Royal Bank Education Foundation.


1986: Introduction of Principles of Accounts and Office Procedures.


1991: Chemistry, Physics & Additional Mathematics were added to the Curriculum. The teaching staff increased to eleven.


1994: The Government of Trinidad & Tobago agreed to the construction of a new 800-Pupil School on the usual two-thirds/one-third cost-sharing arrangement.



1994: According to the Statistical Summary of CXC Results released by Ministry Of Education, out of 30 Assisted Schools in Trinidad & Tobago, LGHC placed 20th with an average of 72% in Grades 1 & 2 passes.


1995: First wing of New School completed and the number of Students was Four Hundred & Seventy (470). LGHC enrolled its first Cambridge Advanced Level Class in Business and Foreign Languages.


1996: First Vice-Principal appointed: Mrs. Anjanee Bissessar.


1997: Introduction of Advanced Level Classes in Modern Studies and Biology, Physics and Chemistry. The number of students reached Six Hundred & Forty (640).


1998: Statistical Summary of CXC results released by the Ministry Of Education placed Lakshmi Girls’ Hindu College 8th in Trinidad & Tobago. Mrs. Ruby Ramdial retired; Mrs. Bissessar was appointed to act as Principal and Mrs. Tarrah Ramsewak was appointed to act as Vice-Principal.


2000: School completed and handed over to the Board of the SDMS. Number of students reached a total of Eight Hundred (800).


2001: Third Principal: Mrs. Anjanee Bissessar was appointed and the First National Scholarship in Further Additional in Science was achieved.


2003: CAPE [CXC Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination] was introduced in Lower 6 and the new SEMP Curriculum in Form 1. The school's population comprised of Eight Hundred & Twenty-Seven (827) students and Forty-One (41) teachers with Four (4) CAPE vacancies and Three (3) SEMP vacancies. The number of subjects offered increased to Twenty- Six (26) and were as follows: English A, English B, Music, French, Spanish, Hindi, Geography, Social Studies, History, Mathematics, Stat. Analysis, Add Math, POA/Accounting, POB/MOB, Economics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Integrated Science, Human & Social Biology, Computer Science, Visual Arts, Food & Nutrition, Physical Education, Caribbean Studies, Communication Studies.


2009: Mrs Tarrah Ramsewak (Vice Principal) Retires


2009: Mrs. Sharda Maharaj-Ramjattan appointed as Vice Principal.


2010: Mrs Anjanee Bissessar (Principal) Retires and Mrs. Sonia Mahase-Persad appointed as Principal. A total of Fifty-One (51) Teaching Staff and Eight Hundred and Fifty-Nine (859) students.


2011: School achieved Twenty-Three (23) scholarships and ranked 4th in the country and 2nd in St George East Education District based on the number of scholarships awarded for students’ performance at CAPE.


2011: School awarded the regional award by the Caribbean Examination Council for best performing school at Business Studies for the third consecutive year.                                       

2011: Introduction  of Environmental Science at CAPE


2012: School achieved 22 scholarships


2013: School achieved 14 scholarships


2013: Student population 868. Teaching staff – 51.


2014: Student population 883. Teaching Staff - 53


2014: School achieved  28 scholarships


2015: School achieved a total of 27 scholarships - 5 Open and 22 Additional

 Shivrani Prabhudial - President's Medal - Business Studies

2016: School achieved a total of  42 National Scholarships -9 Open and 33 Addition   Priya Maraj - President's Gold Medal- Environmental Science

2017: School achieved a total of 24 Scholarships- 11 Open 

Vishala Goon- President's Gold Medal - Business Studies

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