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From inception to present, the study of Mathematics has always been encouraged at Lakshmi Girls Hindu College. Fifty years ago, the school commenced operations with just three teachers offering a limited number of subjects. Even then the importance of Mathematics was recognized and promoted. Today the number of subjects have more than quadrupled yet Mathematics remains a pillar in the school’s academic structure.



The department’s mission remains, to inspire students to appreciate and engage in mathematical thinking. We hope to provide an environment in which they can learn and acquire a broad and solid base in logical thinking, enabling them to become life-long learners so that they may grow in their chosen professions and function as productive citizens



  • Kalindi Maharaj (Acting Head)

  • Ramaa Samuel

  • Yaadavi Kistow-Ragoonanan

  • Rishma Rampaul

  • Joy Sewlal

  • Terri-Ann Joseph

  • Artee Singh

  • Usha Ramdeo

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