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History of Lakshmi Girls

Lakshmi Girls’ Hindu College-A Dynamic Institution of Educational Excellence embedded within a strong cultural and religious framework.


The Bhadase Sagan Maraj Lakshmi Girls’ Hindu College was founded in 1964. It was originally a private school comprising approximately 70 students and three teachers. As the first Hindu secondary school established in this country, Lakshmi Girls’ Hindu College provided an avenue for the education of young Hindu girls whose parents did not feel comfortable with sending their daughters outside of the protective confines of their homes to schools which did not provide the requisite sense of security and religious ethos. This protective environment and familial community informed by a strong religious framework have become the hallmark of this noble institution which has produced generations of well balanced, adaptable, socially conscious and independent thinking young women. A lot has changed from our inception in the converted Rendezvous Hotel, later to be known as the “See Through School”.  The present school was constructed over the period 1995-1998, when the old structure that house the “See Through School” was demolished. The addition of science laboratories fostered the expansion of our curriculum to include Advanced Levels from 1998 and our transition into the Caribbean Examinations Council’s CAPE programme in 2001. The long awaited auditorium was finally constructed in 2014, and it has been a hub of numerous academic, co-curricular, cultural and religious events since its opening.

Lakshmi Girls’ Hindu College is continuously adapting to the needs of its students as well as to the ever changing educational climate of the 21st century. We continue to offer a holistic educational experience second to none. We offer an extensive curriculum encompassing nineteen CSEC subjects and twenty two CAPE subjects. We now have a student population of 861 and a teaching staff of 55 with an ancillary staff of 13. In spite of these expansion and innovations over the years, Lakshmi Girls’ Hindu College prides itself in putting our students at the core of all that we do. We continue to maintain a high level of pastoral care which is a tradition that has continued over the decades, the dedication of our staff and the hard work of the school’s management team ensure that our Home/School partnerships in the interest of our students continue to grow. Our robust and extensive extra and co-curricular programmes (we offer approximately thirty six such programmes) have been strengthened especially over the last decade to provide for the psycho-social development of our students. . The school partners with NGOs, various children homes and other community based institutions in providing for the lesser fortunate. We inculcate a sense of community spirit among our girls in the numerous Civic Bodies within our institution that highlight our social contract with our wider community

We continue to forge meaningful partnerships with our Parent Support Organisation and our past students associations as we continue to provide for the needs of our students. The Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha Board of Education in particular has been instrumental in ensuring the success and strength of this noble institution over the years, and the support and advocacy of our late and beloved Secretary General, Shri Satnaryan Maharaj, continues to manifest itself in the continued guidance and support of our Board of Education.

In the last five years in particular, Lakshmi Girls’ Hindu College has carved an indelible place in the educational landscape of Trinidad and Tobago and in the entire Caribbean. In the five years since we celebrated our 50th anniversary, we have achieved five consecutive President’s Gold Medals through Shivrani Prabhudial –Business Studies 2015, Priya Maraj-Environmental Sciences 2016, Veshala Goon-Business Studies 2017, Amrita Singh-General Studies 2018, Celine Roodal –Natural Sciences 2019.The school was awarded 40 national scholarships-more than any other school in 2019. In fact, in the last five years alone we have achieved an amazing 156 National Scholarships. Two of our students, Amanda Williams and Lisa Marie Ragoonanan were awarded the CXC Regional Award in Geography and the Eric Williams Collection Award for excellence at CAPE History. We were on the Regional Merit Listing 51 times this year, placing first in CSEC chemistry, first in CAPE unit 2 physics, chemistry, tourism and accounting and unit 1French and the first six places in CAPE tourism. We have achieved the CXC Regional Award for Business on five occasions as well as other regional and local accolades in various spheres.

Lakshmi Girls’ Hindu College continues to carve a significant place in the history of education of our country and region as a whole.

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