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The Social Sciences Department currently comprises eight members of a diverse group of dynamic teachers of History, Social Studies, Sociology, Geography, Caribbean Studies and Environmental Science.


In keeping with the thrust in education, the department strives to create lifelong learners by promoting analytical and critical thinking skills. Students are encouraged to learn by student-centred teaching techniques with a high usage of technology and cooperative learning in the classrooms. Teachers also do their part in being lifelong learners as well by attending various workshops, seminars and courses.


We believe that one is never too old to learn. This philosophy has helped the department grow as members continue to improve not only their academic qualifications but also their teaching strategies. The department continues to adapt teaching methods to cater to our diverse student population as well as to their multiple intelligences.

  • Nalini Bassaw (Head) 

  • Shastra Bahadur 

  • Hemawatee Cheenibass - Geography, Environmental Science

  • Vanessa Deonarine - History, Geography

  • Kamini Endal 

  • Vashty Gooding 

  • Ambika Persad

  • Natasha Singh-Persaud 


Each year, the Social Sciences Department hosts an entire week of acitivites to celebrate Indian Arrival Day.


Activites include mini-cultural programs and creative displays. Traditional East Indian delicaces are also distributed for all students and staff.

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