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Progress is easier in an atmosphere of creative freedom, joy and ease. It is unmistakable that for the past fifty years the English Department’s progress is remarkably simpler because of the warm, lively and inviting nature of the members of its Department and our college’s students. 


Our  present team consists of eight teachers. The English Department is responsible for teaching not only English Language, English Literature, Literatures in English and Communication Studies, but also cross-curricular subjects such as Caribbean Studies and Music.


Overall, there are twenty English A classes, eighteen English B classes, two Literatures in English classes, two Communication Studies classes, one Caribbean Studies class and four Music Classes.



  • Sattee Sooknanan- Gopaul (Head of Department)

  • Vedawati Doolam 

  • Nyla Mahabir 

  • Ashmini Motilal 

  • Irene Rampersad 

  • Ria Singh 

  • Vishanti Tota- Maharaj 

  • Arianne Boodram-Maraj

  • Vieann Ragoonanan

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