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Lakshmi Legacies

Lakshmi Legacies is a group created to bridge the gap between the past pupils and current students of our esteemed college. 

The executive is courageously led by our President Analisa Ramsaran, supported by Shanice Dial our Vice President as well as Candace Bernard our Treasurer and Shania Yip Ying our Secretary and Public Relations Officer.

We as an executive vow to lead the Lakshmi empire with integrity, gratitude and empathy. We aim to unite all past students of Lakshmi Girls’ Hindu College through the promotion of various activities. 

Lakshmi Legacies emphasizes and values empowerment as we support each other starting with new students, current students and lastly, the legacy carriers who promote and exude pride and loyalty of a Lakshmi girl. 

We encourage you to join Lakshmi Legacies as we continue to work with our Alma Mater to achieve greatness. We are all Lakshmi Legends! Remember  to always, be bold, be courageous and be your best. 

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